Nowadays, globalization, demographic change, and resource shortage put enormous pressures on organizations (firms, public agencies, Clubs, etc.). Thus, the organization has to adapt. In doing so, conflicts may easily arise; which, for instance, refer to:

  • organizational culture;
  • communication;
  • leadership;
  • human resource development;
  • payment;
  • finance;
  • cooperation or competition;
  • use of collective goods;
  • balance with other systems (economic, ecological, or social).

However, such conflicts can be avoided, transformed or solved. This should be reached on the basis of three ethical values:

  • justice;
  • responsibility;
  • sustainability.

Since globalization raises complexity, it has become more difficult to properly adhere to these three values.

The three tiers of a proper adherence are:

  • that each organizational member integrates these values into his or her attitude;
  • that each member reflects on them and behaves in accordance with them;
  • that these values permeate the organizational structure and culture.

I would like to help you to let justice, responsibility, and sustainability dominate your organizational culture. This help would aim at raising meaning, trust, and satisfaction, in there.

It can be given in 6 ways:

  • lectures;
  • discussions;
  • studies;
  • reports;
  • individual coaching;
  • collective coaching.

If you want to know more about my offers, there are two main initial ways:

  • a lecture on a more general topic (in a larger circle);
  • a discussion on a more specific topic (in a smaller circle).


If this is the case, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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